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Milestones are important!  Check the milestones your child has reached at each developmental stage.  How your child moves, communicates, interacts, eats and plays offers vital clues to his/her development.  You know your child best, so act early if you have concerns.

what most babies do by 6 months :

knows familiar faces

likes to play with others, especially parents

responds to sounds by making sounds

responds to their own name

makes sounds to show joy and displeasure

brings things to their mouth

begins to pass things between hands

rolls over in both directions

begins to sit without support

when standing, supports weight on legs

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what most babies do by 9 months :

may be afraid of strangers

has favorite toys

understands the word "no"

makes sounds with vowels + consonants

uses fingers to point at things

looks for things they see as hidden

plays peek-a-boo

puts things in their mouth

holds small items between thumb + index fingers

stands + holds on to anchoring objects

can get into sitting position without support

crawls + pulls to stand

what most babies do by 1 year :

cries when caregiver leaves

has favorite things or people

repeats sounds or actions to gain attention

puts out arm or leg to help with dressing

responds to simple spoken requests

uses simple gestures; shakes head or waves

says "mama", "dada", and exclamations

explores objects; shaking, banging, throwing

copies gestures

drinks from a cup

bangs things together

puts things into + takes out of a container

follows simple directions

pulls to stand + walks holding onto furniture

may stand alone

may take a few steps

what most babies do by 18 months :

likes to hand things to others as play

may have temper tantrums

plays simple pretend such a feeding a doll

says several single words

points to show someone what they want

understand simple items; spoon, brush, etc

points to one body part


can follow one-step verbal commands

walks independently + may climb steps

pulls toys while working

eats with a spoon

what most babies do by 2 year :

copies others, especially adults + other kids

demonstrates more independence

shows defiant behavior

primarily uses parallel play

points to things or pictures when named

says sentences with 2 - 4 words

follows simple instructions

begins to sort shapes + colors

plays simple make believe games

builds towers of 4 or more blocks

begins to develop hand dominance

follows two-step instructions

stands on tip-toe

kicks a ball

begins to run

climbs onto + down from furniture on their own

hands ball overhand

makes or copies straight lines + circles

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